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Muay Thai

Top 7 Best Mma Muay Thai Gloves for women

The best Muay Thai gloves for women can be a piece of enriching and empowering equipment to have if chosen correctly. However, one must keep in mind some crucial considerations

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Muay Thai

Best 12 books on Muay Thai (Review)

Before looking at 12 best Muay Thai books, let’s take a look around this great art, Muay Thai or in other words, Thai boxing is a kind of a combat

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Muay Thai

Top 10 Best Muay Thai Pads For 2020

You probably know the “art of eight limbs” or Muay Thai (MT). Muay Thai is the national martial arts of Thailand that’s famous for adept clinchwork, kicks, elbows/knees attacks and

Styles Make Fights

Styles Make Fights – Clincher VS Out Fighter –

There’s an old saying in combat sports that “styles make fights.” Fight aficionados and martial artists have long sought to answer the eternal question of which system of strategies, tactics and techniques provide the greatest likelihood of victory.