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If you are someone who is a fan of the Muay Thai Hand ropes technique then one should know that this is a traditional form of rope binding or the fist binding, which comes with a varying style and pattern. This rope binding is done before they head into any battle with the standardized rules and regulations including the use of a boxing ring and the protection one must ensure while entering the battle. They have different methods of wrapping the hands with the use of the ropes.

While the Muay Boran hand ropes also known as the activity concerned with the ancient martial art from Thailand which is a way of doing self-defense .it is a very well known form of sports in that part of the country. It is an oriented form of art that is being preceded by the muay Thai and includes some of the very deadly techniques that generally is not seen in the modern boxing ring.

How can i wrap my hands with the muay Thai hand ropes ?

This is something that will prove to be of some benefit for those who are planning to start the muay Thai roping or boxing. For those who are not aware of the sport, this might be a little challenging for them as they might find the technique of wrapping the hands a little complicated and confusing. There are many training camps or schools available for these kinds of people who are willing to learn this form of art, and hence take forward the tradition of the ancient martial art. There are few steps which one can follow to learn this art:

  1. First, just place the loop around your thumb and you can bring the task of wrapping your hands from the back of it.
  2. Always wrap with the ropes for three or four times.
  3. Make sure to wrap around your thumb two times and each time you go around your thumb make sure to go around the wrist also to have better wrapping.
  4. Wrap the rope once in between your fingers and always wrap in a way that you get the additional support as weapons the remaining part of it around your wrist.
How to Wrap your Hands for Muay Thai, Boxing, or Kickboxing – Closed Palm Style

How you can use the muay boran ropes ?

The term Muay Boran is an exclusive term that is generally referred to as the ancient boxing arts of Thailand, from which the other the muay Thai hand roping is born. It is a common fact that the fighters would dip their wrapped hands to hard the rope attached to their hand. It would be really scary for some people but still, the tradition of this hand wraps goes on. in the muay boran technique, the wrapping is done in a way to increase the blocking and the striking part. This wrapping is also fulfilled by undergoing a few steps as mentioned below:

  1. You need at least 30 meters that form the ¼ of the rope and it should be of material either of cotton or nylon or even the hemp if you can find it, along with a sharp knife to cut the length.
  2. Always tie the four knots at the end of the rope and make sure to leave enough rope at the end to grasp as you wrap your hand and make distances roughly of your knuckles.
  3. Wrap the rope between your fingers and take the rope around your palm also and this process should be continued even with the ring and the middle finger, and finally at the end between the middle and first finger.
  4. Wrap even around the palms for 5 times or depending on what kind of support you will be needing and during this process of wrapping your fingers and palm just be ensure to make a fist so that you can reopen the hand more often, as it will allow you to just the tension so that it remains tight whenever you make a dist.
Kard Chuek Wraps – How They Are Done

What is meant by the kard chuek ?

If it’s about Thailand, the term Kard Chuek is celebrated and used a lot of times during the number of boxing, matches at the festivals. It is referred to as the bound first boxing that is still seen. these are the different wrapping methods that the majority has the focus on the cutting of your opponents as in this method the fighters use something under their the ropes which are called the MMA glove. It is something that the muay Thai is made to use of the kard cheuk or the hemp hand ropes. Many different styles are included in the wrapping of the kard cheuk ropes.

The different styles of wrapping the kard cheuk

We have the origins of the muay Thai ropes that are being traced to the ancient style of boxing from the different geographical regions in Thailand. Each of them comes with the involvement of different kinds of styles for using the muay Thai ropes or the kard cheuk. The Kard Cheuk was wrapped or it is still wrapped to block the kicks with the specialization in powerful punches as it was also wrapped top cover the forearms again for the same reason as to block the kicks.

Purpose of the kard cheuk

Although many modern wrapping techniques have been introducing with the passing of the time as the use of the MMA gloves under the boxing gloves but still the main purpose of the one mentioned above is to provide the protection for the hands of the fighter n and to support the wrist. The support along with the protection is equally important as compared to the winning of the boxing matches because the hands are that part of the body with which someone makes the living and so it needs to be healthy also.

People feel a lot more different experience when they fight with the kard cheuk ropes instead of the gloves. It includes the feeling of freedom in the one using it. people find this form masculine art form

Different striking techniques

There are several striking techniques as one would undertake be it any ropes and be it any method of wrapping as these are the things that form the basis of any boxing match which are mentioned below:

  • How to throw a cross punch : This is also known as the straight which is a kind of punch thrown with the dominant hand and it is more of a longer ranger power punch with the potential of knocking.
  • How you can throw a deep kick : it is considered as one of the most fundamental kicks in the teeth and this is the most basic technique which is performed by Raising the front leg until the foot is just below the hip.

What are the differences between the muay Thai and muay boran?

The muay boran as mentioned earlier in the ancient technique of boxing which is considered the ancestor of the muay Thai but still there are few differences noticed in the progression. The many boran was originally a combat kind of sport but later it was practiced with some rules and regulations that are few in comparison to the Muay Thai Hand Ropes one, as instead of fighting with the padded gloves they used to fight with their hands and wrists that were bounded with the hemp rope. Both of them are different in the aspect that one of them focuses on gaining advantages or even minimizing the disadvantages but the other one may end up with a very vulnerable act which would be little disconcerting. There are few more difference discussed below:

  1. The basic one as the muay boran tends to guards the centerline as one’s hands are one fist which is in front of the other with both fists aligned on one centerline, which completely opposes that rope one in which either the hand is outside of one’s head.
  2. The stance undertaken in the muay boran is lower and wider than the one in the muay thai one.
  3. While the style of the muay Thai is considered to be a style of 8 weapons in which it has the form in which one can deaden the limbs and can gain one big advantage but the other one is known to have more weapons as they count to 9 which utilizes to attack the limbs.
  4. The muay boran uses the flying knees and the flying elbows effectively while the other muay thai one tends to rely on the more simpler techniques.

Hence, with all the information is given above one can decide which type wrapping is better with all the factors and even the methods in which these wrapping techniques are done. You can readily take forward the tradition of this art form of boxing by following the terms and conditions along with the rules and regulations given above.   

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