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Does Muay Thai Have Belt or Ranking System?

Does Muay Thai Have Belt or Ranking System
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Muay Thai or art of eight limbs

Befor knowing Muay Thai have a belt or ranking system, let’s take a look around its history, this is a combative art that originated in Thailand, which is also known as Thai boxing. It is popular internationally since the 20th century and still actively performed today’s generation. This martial is a disciplined sport that is conside red to apply in school activity performances.

Muay Thai is a form of boxing, yet it isn’t work in just a punch using the fist. In this term, a player can also include chin, elbow, and knees for defense and response to the activity performance. It is called the art of eight limbs that uses all-together. Although it is popular worldwide, Muay Thai is not included to the Olympics but supported of several organizations and federation, such as The Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (PAT) and authorized by the Sport Authority of Thailand (SAT) and World Professional Muay Thai Federation (WMF) over different countries around the world. Aside from these, the Muay Thai is recognized by the IOC.

Ring to Cage Muay Thai Armband ( 27 colors )

Does Old Muay Thai care about belt or ranking system?

Most people who are unfamiliar with Muay Thai ask themselves regarding the ranking system earned in the fighting. Well, if you know taekwondo, you probably know about the black belt thing, which is known to be the highest rank among all colors that earned if you are pro at this. But the Muay Thai does not have a system like that. According to research, players made this to survive daily necessities; in other words, for the cost of living. They do not consider as well belt ranking, but they do have records that hold achievements list.

Although they haven’t ranking system to follow, some international federation comes up with this idea to set off. Today, as it is recognized clearly, the federation has implemented ranking system only in school that have Muay Thai Sport and other cases that is absolutely in need. But for real Muay Thai, there is nothing. The reason behind why it is implemented to school is that they have a reason to exceed more and work more for the better because the ranking system is the goal set to conquer and achieve. In some way, it boosts their eagerness for good and motivates them to earn more.

Ranking system just for motivate Fighters

The ranking system in Muay Thai is not what you think. As mentioned earlier, it is done to survive daily necessities. If you are relating this martial art to judo, karate, jiu-jitsu or kung fu, then you got it wrong because the fight is not for the belt or popularity.

Instead, the Muay Thai is played to get something more than the benefits. Their ranking is not on the belt earned after the fight but the records of winning listed in the match. Aside from this fighting a player with a big name and beating them on the ring, your performance is such an instance to treasure because the bigger you fought, the more attention you can get from the audience.

This attention is enough to be recognized as one of the best players. They do not count belts, because what matters the most is the amount of winning fights and huge opponent, especially the winning price or money. 

Why do Muay Thai fighters arm bands ?

There is a set of Armband that represents different categories defining your position in the sport. There are white, yellow, and orange that represent as a beginner in Muay Thai. While the green, blue, purple, red, and brown are for the advanced players with enough skills, understanding, and experience. Aside from these, the Black Armband is also given to an advanced player but is the highest level, just like the black belt in taekwondo to being precise.

Another would be the combinations of colors, which are black and white, black and red, black and silver, as well as black and gold, are meant for the instructor with different positions and ranking as well depending on the color combination armbands.

How Muay Thai art has become a ranking system ?

WTBA set up a curriculum in schools all over Thailand to practice and familiarize this kind of sport. Since this sport is originally from their country, then it is a treasure that needs to be passed on through and developed stronger. Although the real Muay Thai martial arts do not apply the ranking system, the schools and federations have created a smart choice to apply it to learning school to gain understanding and discipline.

Armbands are a motivator to do more for students, and that must spread widely to understand its meaning. For schools, aiming at the highest level is by getting the black armband and making it happen, they need to work for it. We know how pleasing it is to have because for them, it is more than just a thing. It is a great way to give a student inspiration, and for professional players outside the armbands used to go give luck during activities, nothing more but a good luck charm.

For you to understand what is the difference between Armband and Muay Thai belt, let me tell you this. The Muay Thai belt is hard to get because you need to give effort and survive the activity with so many skills that are nothing to them than the other prize. As you can see, it is earned after the activity. Likewise, the armbands are implemented as an alternative to the real Muay Thai belt specially made for school and charm. If you are eager to get a Black fancy belt from this martial art, then start to practice. Begin your 10 years of mastery regarding techniques and skills to achieve your goal.

WTBA uses the following armband ranks :

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black
  • White & Black
  • Red & Black
  • Silver & Black
  • Gold & Black

According to the classification of standard and categories, setting a curriculum and Armband is not about exposing popularity and strong players of each school since the system are not totally the same as other schools.  A way to get a promotion is not about the armband because the level it holds is not enough but the skill is more necessary, which is observed accordingly. You cannot settle your thought being accepted if you only base the armband you receive. If you are aiming for a teaching instructor, you must assure that you have 3 to 4 years of experience in this institution and sport to be qualified.

Aside from these, you should have enough skills and understanding regarding the martial arts. Honestly, these things concluded are qualifications only for assistant instructors. So, if you wanted to be a professional instructor, you might need more than that in the requirement. What pressure, right? But it is nothing as long as you have inspiration and goal in your life.

If you decided to give up that dream just to avail your own armband or belt online and use it as a lucky charm, wouldn’t it be funny? Moving on, there is good news where the international federation of Muay Thai wants to implement this martial art across countries, everywhere what I mean. Because to think of Muay Thai is a really good activity. It is more like taekwondo and jiu-jitsu or boxing. Aside from these, they wanted it to be recognized worldwide and develop more armbands with different colors with twenty levels to be precise as it will be called Khan. But the federation wants it to be perfect, so they will definitely get experienced trainers with enough knowledge to teach to ensure the effectiveness of this program.

Whats the addition giving you the armband or praciat ?

The sacred armband or also known as Praciat is given to the player who is worthy to receive it. This alternative item for the belt is more convenient and accurate. Having the armband is like you already won the fight, and to some way of getting into your goal, the armband will represent as a treatment for your dedication and hard work. Praciat is the reflection of your greatness. It will surely encourage you to do more; it will give you luck to your fight and performance through success. So, if you are a Muay Thai player, achieve and work effectively every day to get someone of this with effort. If you are looking for some items to avail, you can find it online with the greatest online shop.


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