Top 7 Best Mma Muay Thai Gloves for women

best muay thai gloves

The best Muay Thai gloves for women can be a piece of enriching and empowering equipment to have if chosen correctly. However, one must keep in mind some crucial considerations before buying their model of the Muay Thai gloves and regular boxing gloves are quite different from each other. So while choosing this right glove … Read more

Best 12 books on Muay Thai (Review)

best muay thai mma book

Before looking at 12 best Muay Thai books, let’s take a look around this great art, Muay Thai or in other words, Thai boxing is a kind of a combat sport that originated in and is native to the country of Thailand. In order to learn in detail about muay Thai books, you need to … Read more

Wrap Muay Thai hand ropes, Kard Chuek, Muay Boran

Muay Thai hand ropes kard chuek

If you are someone who is a fan of the Muay Thai Hand ropes technique then one should know that this is a traditional form of rope binding or the fist binding, which comes with a varying style and pattern. This rope binding is done before they head into any battle with the standardized rules … Read more

Does Muay Thai Have Belt or Ranking System?

Does Muay Thai Have Belt or Ranking System

Befor knowing Muay Thai have a belt or ranking system, let’s take a look around its history, this is a combative art that originated in Thailand, which is also known as Thai boxing. It is popular internationally since the 20th century and still actively performed today’s generation. This martial is a disciplined sport that is … Read more

Best 5 Supplements For Muay Thai Fighters For 2020

Best 5 Supplements For Muay Thai Fighters

How the best supplements can play big role for you as muay thai athlete ? As Muay Thai athletes, we put tremendous demands on our body throughout training and in the ring. Supplements can play an essential role in your progress by allowing you to train harder and longer and recover faster.  They can confer a number of benefits … Read more