10 Best Gym Bag For Muay Thai And BJJ for 2020

best gym bags mma muay thai bjj

It cannot be denied that all of us want to stay fit and healthy. In relation to it, some people do sports to achieve their fitness goals. Among the top sports for fitness include BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai. Aside from learning skills and having fun and thrill, these sports can also help you to … Read more

Styles Make Fights – Clincher VS Out Fighter –

Styles Make Fights

There’s an old saying in combat sports that “styles make fights.” Fight aficionados and martial artists have long sought to answer the eternal question of which system of strategies, tactics and techniques provide the greatest likelihood of victory. Historical Precedents of Styles Make Fights Hailing back to the Romans, gladiators were divided into different classes, each equipped with specific sets of weapons and armor and trained in distinctive fighting styles. … Read more

Best 5 And Most Useful Martial Arts For Street Fighting

best martial art

[tqb_quiz id=’1188′]   MMA, or mixed martial arts, is a combat sport where two opponents fight each other in a ring of an octagon form. The members of the MMA practice many martial arts that they have made their own style of fighting toward another, thus why a variety of tactics are indispensable for a … Read more

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