Is Boxing Good for Women? And Benefits For Females?

Benefits Of Boxing For Females
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10 Benefits Of Boxing For Females: Increase Strength And Confidence

Boxing since ages has a sport that is sought after by both men and women. Many think that it is a sport that is male-dominated and is only for athletic purposes. One cannot be more wrong!

Today one can find many women boxing champions across the globe, who are top ranks in their field. Also, to cancel out the second idea that boxing is the only athletic purpose, one should know that it is a great form of workout too.

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Is boxing good for women?

Yes, it is!

Boxing is not gender-specific, just like any other exercise and sports out there. Any woman who wants to stay fit and also increase their stamina and core strength should start boxing. It will help in having a healthier life and will also help to boost one’s confidence and sense of security too. 

Nowadays, women, boxing training is not just to compete on national and international levels but is for making one more fit and tones ad well. Boxing a full cardio and strength workout, which involves high intensity and high-speed movements, and these are the best way to burn calories, lose the unwanted fat, and get a toned body. Women can get a lot of benefit from training cardio boxing every other day, as it will help one be in good health and also be fit and strong.

1- Helps to stay fit

Fitness is not just about eating right and running on the treadmill. For staying, one needs to mix the right amount of exercise of all types to get the overall benefit of increases stamina and cardiovascular health.

Boxing provides the right way to increase fitness. It involves 30 percent of aerobic exercise, which is known for increasing cardiovascular fitness and also helps in burning fat. But 80 percent of boxing is all anaerobic exercise, which is high intensity and fast-paced. This increases the energy threshold in the muscles, increasing one’s stamina.

2- Better heart health

Exercising should not always be about losing fat or build muscles. It should also be about elongating one’s life, and for that increase, the heart’s life is important. Exercising and doing high-intensity workout can help in increasing cardiovascular life.

Boxing requires a lot of fast-paced workout and movement, and this makes one breathe faster and which in turn increases heart rate. Increased heart rate means the heart starts beating faster. This increases the cardiac musculatures’ strength, and the chances of any heart problem are reduced manifold.

3- Burn the fat

Today people are living a sedentary lifestyle, and that is leading to weight gain and gaining visceral fat around the waist part. To make sure that all that fat is burned, there is a need to have a rigorous exercise routine that involves fast-paced workouts.

Boxing is a very effective way of losing fat as it is high paced and high intensity. Boxing everyday helps in targeting the visceral fat, which is also tagged as one of the most stubborn fat types. One can also pair boxing with some other workouts like rope skipping, lunges, press-ups, etc. or make a circuit, including boxing bouts. 

4- Work the calories off

Want to lose approximately 400 to 500 calories in a day? Then make it a point to take up an hour-long boxing routine. As boxing requires a lot of moving around and movement, it makes it easier to lose all the calories quickly. Though one’s level of boxing and bodyweight affects the calories burnt, it is found that an average woman will lose 500 calories easily.

5- Get a toned body

Losing weight and burning calories is not the thing that needs to achieve to get into the desired shape. Other than losing weight, one might also want to get in shape and have a toned body. To get a toned body, it is crucial to perform repetitive fast exercises, which will put pressure on the musculature.

Most of the time, women tend to worry about gaining muscles (some like muscles, and some don’t. But with boxing, one will not have to have this worry, as it does not promote muscle building but enhances the toning of the body.

6- Be more strong

Losing weight, gaining muscle, burning calories will be of no use if one is not strong enough to do high energy tasks or does not have endurance in difficult situations. For this, a woman needs to focus on strength training, which will increase muscle strength and overall endurance. Having a better endurance will increase the speed and will also enhance overall health.

Boxing is the best way to achieve this, as it involves not only high-intensity workouts but also have repetitive movements. Both these things are highly effective if one wants to increase their core strength and make limbs powerful.

7- Work the whole body

Going to the gym and performing various exercises is fun and games until one realizes that there are hundreds of workouts to do. Each of the exercises targets a certain part of the body or a certain group of muscles. But what is one is a bit lazy to perform so many workouts or is have less time.

Well, in such cases, boxing can be quite helpful. Boxing sessions can target abs, arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, etc. in a single go. If there is a whole-body ache after a boxing session, that means it has effected every muscle in the body.

8- Relieve the stress

Feeling down, physically tired, mentally exhausted, or is angry about something. Well, the best way to cope up with it is to let it all out. Punching bags are the best way to let out all the negative energy, which will get replaced by positive ones.

Boxing helps to relieve the mental and physical tension, stress, and anxiety quite easily; it helps to channel the thoughts and can be quite therapeutic. The main reason is the fact that boxing increases the endorphins (good feeling hormones) and reduces cortisol ( stress-causing hormones) in the body.

9- Self-defense

Today women need to make sure of the fact that they are well capable of handling themselves in any situation. Learning how to box and having the right amount of agility can help in hitting a person to save oneself.

Boxing makes one stronger and also allows one to know some of the best self-defense movements. This can make women feel safe and assured while going out.

10- Boosted confidence

While boxing, there is a continuous physical activity, and this physical activity allows the body to go all rich in good hormones like endorphins. These hormones allow one to feel happy and get a feeling of healthiness and wellbeing. This can boost one’s confidence and make one feel self-assured.

Top 10 benefits of boxing for women

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