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Best 12 books on Muay Thai (Review)

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Before looking at 12 best Muay Thai books, let’s take a look around this great art, Muay Thai or in other words, Thai boxing is a kind of a combat sport that originated in and is native to the country of Thailand. In order to learn in detail about muay Thai books, you need to understand the meaning of combat sports, clearly. Combat sport is a genre of sports games which involve a kind of a fight sequence between two people. The two opponents fight each other in order to defeat the opponent and win the game. Such combat sports games require a one to one fighting competition between the two people who try to disarm the other one and come out victorious. There are a large number of writers who have taken up the concept of muay Thai and written books on it. These books explore various topics related to the same concept such as playing directions, rules and regulations of the fighting ground, special techniques to disarm your opponent, key moves to win the game and so on.

What are the various books on muay thai that you will find interesting to read?       

Muay Thai is a combat sport that incorporates the power of the player’s muscles and limbs while he is fighting his opponent. This is why this sport is also known as the ‘art of eight limbs’ as it takes into use the elbows, knees, shins, and fists. It is also considered to be a disciplinary art form as it requires full control over every part of your body including your bones and muscles. The game began about more than a century ago but it only gained popularity in the 21st century. This happened when the natives of the Thai civilization brought their fighting art and its rules to the western parts of the world.

There is a wide range of books written on the concept of muay Thai and combat fighting, by different writers available on the internet. If you are a combat sports enthusiast and also an avid reader, do not forget to check out these timeless books. You can read the introductions of the books mentioned below:

1- Muay – Winning Strategy, Ultra Flexibility And Strength:

Muay - Winning Strategy, Ultra Flexibility And Strength

If you are somebody who finds interest in the ancient Thai form of fighting techniques, then this book should be your first choice of all. This book beautifully captures the mindset and physical preparations that were done by ancient Thai fighters before they entered the battlefield. You will be able to peek into the secrets to attain spiritual and physical stability and strength that is required in combat sports like muay Thai. This book will teach you how to take control of your entire body, and your senses and how to transcend through your physical limitations to emerge out a winner. The mentioned book is perfect for you combat if Thai combat sports interest you. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a master.  The book talks about 9 unique self-defense techniques that will prove to be your best master in the fighting ring.

2- Chess Principles Of Martial Arts:

Chess Principles Of Martial Arts

Chess is a game of intellectuals and requires well thought out and planned moves in order to gain victory. It is interesting to note that a lot of the unique strategizes and principles of the game of chess can also be applied in real life, in the fighting ring or on martial arts mat. This book will enable you to look at your existing martial arts skills, moves, strategies and techniques in a new and different perspective. In this way, you will be able to analyses and understand the flaws and shortcomings in your fighting technique and correct it thereafter.  You will not be disappointed if you give this book a try.

3- Why We Fight? – One Man’s Search For Meaning Inside The Ring:

Why We Fight? - One Man’s Search For Meaning Inside The Ring

 The mentioned book, along with giving you tips on how to make the fighting ring your strong ground, also explores the psychological and spiritual aspects of Thai fighting. This book will help you understand your own psyche and introspect that why do you find yourself having an urge to fight. What is the reason that you want to defeat your opponent on the fighting ground?  This book incorporates fiction and revolves around a man named Josh, who at the age of 33 suddenly realized that he wants to do in life is to fight. The book depicts the circumstances and emotional ups and downs that he faces in his journey to become a writer. It also gives a window to the lifestyle and everyday habits of a prospective fighter.

4- Muay Thai – The Most Distinguished Art Of Fighting:

Muay Thai - The Most Distinguished Art Of Fighting

If you are in search of a book that gives you an extensive description of the art of muay fighting then you need this book in your life. It gives an extremely detailed and comprehensive narration of the fighting art and includes the history, regulations of the fighting ground, disciplinary rules. You will also be able to learn a variety of different punches, kicks, leg strikes, elbow strikes and so forth. The mentioned book will also teach you how to develop your self-confidence and use it as a strategical device on the fighting ground.

5- MMA instruction manual – The Muay Thai Clinch, Takedowns, Takedown Defense, and Ground Fighting: 

MMA instruction manual - The Muay Thai Clinch, Takedowns, Takedown Defense, and Ground Fighting

This book is written by a Thai fighting specialist, black belt and a master of jiu-jitsu, Anderson Silva, who is native to Brazil.  He is a specialist in martial arts and narrates his early days of fighting when he just began. Along with it, he also explains the key secrets and strategies of how to devastate and disarm the opponent on the fighting ground so much so that he fails to rise up again. Most of his opinions, advice, teachings and lessons are based on his own experiences of how he started off young and turned into a master of martial arts. Once you read this book and take notes from Silva’s you will be able to hone your fighting skills and identify your strengths.

6- Essential Book Of Martial Arts Kicks:

Essential Book Of Martial Arts Kicks

This book emphasizes the importance of a single kick on the fighting ground, during the match. It takes a single, well-timed kick to turn you into a winner or a loser. The book describes in detail 89 different positions and types of kicks collected from all over the world along with vivid pictures of the same. It teaches you how to use the force and strength of every part of your body and eliminate your opponent using a single strategic and timely kick. It will help the reader to unleash the maximum power from his body and make use of every second to emerge out victorious. It talks about different sport kicks, such as Kempo, taekwondo, muay Thai and so forth.

7- Explosive Muay Thai – Beyond The Basics:

Explosive Muay Thai - Beyond The Basics

 This book starts off with the basic behavioral, mental and physical characteristics that a person needs to possess to become a master of muay Thai. It talks about the inner discipline and mental attitude that is essential in order to develop as a fighter and learn the traditional muay Thai warrior skills. There are certain principles that are to be followed to successfully be able to pass through the rigorous training of Thai fighting techniques. The book also teaches how to look through the eyes of your opponent and understand his thinking capacity. This is the key to disarm the opponent on the battleground.

8- Thai Kickboxing for beginners :

Thai Kickboxing for beginners

 It is not possible for everyone to become an expert fighter in a day. It takes a long time, commitment, practice and determination to finally reach the goal. And even after that, the journey to learn more and become better and better does not end. If you are a beginner and have just stepped into the field of martial arts Muay Thai and kickboxing then you need to get this book right now. It will act as a guiding light and help you hone your skills. The mentioned book gives you step by step instructions in easy and comprehensible language along with clear and vivid pictures to help to make the fighting positions and technical movements. It uses a description of physical techniques in the simplest way possible to help you start from scratch.

9- Muay Thai training exercises :

Muay Thai training exercises

This book is written by Christopher Delph, who is a trainer and coach who professionally teaches how to take care of the body while at home as well as in the gym.  Learning the complicated moves and fighting techniques require proper body shape and posture. Gaining and maintaining that posture and flexibility is hard but can be attained with the correct exercises if done a regular basis, religiously. This book will teach you a number of different exercises and stretching positions which will make your mind and your body ready for the rigorous training that is required to obtain the skills of muay Thai.  This book will also give you relevant information on the diet plan and other everyday exercises that are required to be practiced to make your body accustomed to the training of Thai fighting techniques.

10- MUAY Submissions, Breaks & Locks of Muay Thai & Muay Boran:

MUAY Submissions, Breaks & Locks of Muay Thai & Muay Boran

 If you desire to achieve the most superior yet deadly skills which will disarm your opponent in a matter of seconds, this book is your answer. However, it is advisable to be very careful while practicing the 54 unique fighting techniques along with their variations described in the mentioned book. If not done so, they might prove to be dangerous if the instructions are not followed carefully. The most part of the book is for the professional fighters who already have some basic knowledge of muay Thai and other Thai fighting techniques. The book uses pictures and illustrations to show every move in detail and precision to avoid any confusion and to prevent any possible accident.

11- Muay Thai Counter Techniques – Competitive Skills and Tactics for Success:

Muay Thai Counter Techniques - Competitive Skills and Tactics for Success

In any fighting match, it is essential to bring the opponent down in order to win. However, it is just as important to know how to save yourself from the unknown and abrupt attacks. It does not matter how skillful ad well-polished you are, a single hit from the opponent, while your guard was down, can make you taste the dirt. This book assists you in learning a variety of different self-defense techniques to counteract the movement of your opponent and use it to bring them down instead. You will also learn how to make sure that the opponent is not able to use your moves and strategies against yourself.

12- Dynamic Mauy Thai with Martial Applications:

Dynamic Mauy Thai with Martial Applications

In order to come in full control of your body you also need to take full control of your senses and mind. We, as human beings have evolved and developed an inert sense that alerts our body and mind if there is any lurking danger around us. This book will teach how you to strengthen up that sense of alertness and instinct. This will help you prepare yourself in advance before your opponent makes his move. The chapters in the book give detailed instructions on how to utilize your oxygen capacity, the distance between you and your opponent, regulate your breathing rate and use your energy in the correct and advantageous manner.

these are top 12 best books on muay thai

Now you can go through the above-mentioned book titles and their descriptions and analyze which one you think will be the appropriate one for, you at the moment. There is no age reserved to start or stop learning any art. As long as you are enthusiastic about it, breathing, and well and alive, you can learn any art form even if it is technical fighting. Which one of the above-mentioned books will quench your thirst of knowledge? Decide for yourself and get them easily online. You can browse through all your options, read their descriptions and buy the one which catches your eye the most. Also, never judge a book by its cover. You never know what secret knowledge you get inside which might even change your life!

So, what are you waiting for? Your book awaits you. Learn the ancient secrets and key techniques of the traditional muay Thai fighting art today!

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