Best 5 And Most Useful Martial Arts For Street Fighting

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MMA, or mixed martial arts, is a combat sport where two opponents fight each other in a ring of an octagon form. The members of the MMA practice many martial arts that they have made their own style of fighting toward another, thus why a variety of tactics are indispensable for a fighter to know. a combatant would normally triumph through submission, knock-out, a stoppage by a referee, or a competitor’s cornerman. There are many rules during the fight between the two competitors who usually include: no groin attacks, No eye-gouging, No biting, along with many other rules that are a must to know while fighting. Not only MMA is a good sport, but is also the best martial art for street fighting! The intense training one does get is immense and tremendous that makes him handle Tough situations with ease.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what MMA is, a common question gets to be asked, what is the best fighting style for MMA? Would I equally benefit from those martial arts on street fights? Is there any specific martial art you should master for MMA? Or should I combine them and use them all together? On the next chapter of our article, we will be answering all of these questions, And having you make the best decision that suits you.

First of all, let’s have a look at the best and most effective martial arts for street fighting out there :

1 Brazilian jiu-jitsu :

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling-based martial art whose main idea is the skill of controlling opponents in ways that force them to submit, it is also a Combat sport system that focuses on catching the other with particular emphasis on ground fighting, due to that fact, this martial art’s techniques are centered to take an opponent down to the ground and wrestling for a dominant position where the opponent can be rendered harmless.
Due to its big efficiency in the MMA, one must learn it before engaging in a fight or else the person would have a big disadvantage on his side, on the same note, Many BJJ elites joined the MMA and have shown astounding performances, such as Damien Maia, a top UFC middleweight, and Aokie the legend known in his MMA career to submit his adversaries with a total of 25 submission wins!

Is BJJ art for you ?

As we have stated before, the main technique in BJJ is grappling, a normal training day would usually have you do various iterative rolls, along with usage of different positions to gain an advantage against your opponent, last and not least, at the end, you’re going to grapple with a partner and try to submit each other in diverse positions.

While you’ve got a glimpse on the BJJ training, it still depends on how you perceive BJJ, If you strive to be an MMA fighter, you value grappling, ground techniques and You’re more into a style of self-defense, then BJJ is indeed the one you’re looking for! In addition to that, BJJ’s techniques are very useful in a real-life situation where a decision can be critical.

2 Boxing :

Boxing is a well-known combat sport that has boxers wearing protective gloves fighting with fists and throwing punches at each other in a ring for a predetermined amount of time, the winner is normally decided by knocking out the other challenger or by outnumbering him in points, the referee runs the fight inside the ring while the judges decide the winner outside the ring. Now if you’re wondering, is boxing good for MMA? The answer is yes, boxing is one of the best martial arts that holds great importance to stance, punches, and defense.

  • Stance as in having the correct path whether to move forward or to back up, to take the defensive or the offensive position and checking if you have to dodge or to launch in.
  • Punches, and we specifically talk here about the four main punches in boxing: the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. As each one of them has a precise role in combat.
  • Defense, which involves: blocking, dodging, weaving, body’s rotation and clinching.

Is Boxing art for you?

To help you on this one, you can look at the people who are doing tremendous work on the field, Who doesn’t know Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson? Two boxers who have shown astonishing achievements throughout their experiences, both of them had incredible movements, reactions, and intense power, just from watching them on the ring you would be shivering! Without forgetting their perfect body that went through hell to obtain such a perfect shape. On the same page, you can clearly observe how Connor McGregor had won two championships in the UFC thanks to his boxing style and his great abilities.

If you’re willing to fight in the MMA, then it’s necessary for you to know boxing.

3 Muay Thai :

Muay Thai also is known for ”art of the eight limbs”, is a combat sport that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques, which means, Instead of constant use of punches and kicks, Muay Thai fighters are able to use deadly knee and elbow attacks to hurt their opponents. While other martial arts are more likely to do combat simulations that are in a controlled environment, Muay Thai emphasizes sparring, competition and developing your reactions through fighting. The usual training for this martial art would require you essential warm-up consisting of jumping rope, jogging around, push-ups, squats, etc, followed by a light stretch and then some techniques that your instructor would teach you on how to make them, it’s also an art with a ranking system but in a special way, You can also knowing the best supplements for muay thai fighters.

Is Muay Thai for you ?

Do you value to stand up fighting techniques, punches, elbow strikes, knee strikes, kicks, and foot thrusts and mush more techniques that focus on training the entire body? Are you fond of intense training that uses all your energy and exhausts your full power? If you didn’t find those obstacles hindering you, then you may get along with Muay Thai and even be on ease while training! we have yet to mention a legend Muay Thai fighter that stood ferociously in MMA, Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke, who won one championship back in 2014, and showed the world the real value of Muay Thai as a relevant martial art.

start training know don’t lose time, start your first courses about Muay Thai Hand ropes and buy the best thai pads and let’s start training.

4 Wrestling :

Wrestling is also another combat sport that specializes in takedowns, holds, tilts, and pinning combinations, the sport itself is known to be one of the hardest sports due to the many skills that a wrestler must have in order to be successful, Unlike boxing, a wrestling bout is a physical competition between two competitors, who try to achieve dominance and maintain a superior position during the fight. No matter why wrestlers have dominated MMA from the very beginning of time, For further proof, we have to look at the prodigy of wrestling Ben Askren, who was one championship welterweight World Champion, He stood a pure wrestler even in the MMA, his strength and delicate techniques made him a two-time national champion, a 2008 Olympian and a four-time NCAA All-American, his efforts have shown great results who had been visually observed where he almost out-wrestled every opponent in the cage, He is truly the epitome to take for wrestlers.

Is Wrestling art for you ?

Not to deceive you, but to be a wrestler need to be as flexible as a gymnast and at the same time to be as strong as a football player, the mental toughness of a marine along with many other diverse skills in other sports, Once Dan Gable, A legend among legends that represents this sport said: “once you start wrestling, and you are successful at it, everything becomes easy” Which is true if you adapt and accept the challenges coming to you, One of the other things that make wrestling tough compared to the other martial arts is the weight class category, in another way, you always need to fit in your weight class, else you will not be allowed to participate if you’re ready for those obstacles, then dive in and go ahead!

Don’t be disappointed if you fail the first time, rarely the newcomers make it to the top since there are always people who are far ahead of you in their career.

5 Judo :

At first, it was seen as a physical, and moral pedagogy in Japan, generally viewed as a modern martial art which later developed into an Olympic sport, The main methods utilized in judo are: subduing the other with a grappling maneuver, joint lock, strangle, hold, throw or takedown one’s opponent to the ground and immobilize him, The scoring is by points, which means the competitor who has more points win, Curious about what it takes to excel in the sport of judo? You should have an incredible mental focus and determination, always have a plan in your hand for every opponent, it may sound exaggerated but it’s true, and finally predicting your opponent’s moves while setting baits for your enemy to fall in.

Is Judo art for you?

Portray it similarly as karate in its popularity, Judo isn’t really famous in MMA as it doesn’t hold a big potential in its own, which makes it tough to fight if you focused solely on it, In regard to that fact, MMA fighters usually mix judo with other martial arts to make a perfect combination while battling.

Though, just because judo isn’t the most perfect martial art in the MMA doesn’t mean it’s completely useless, Judo requires a body that’s going to be thrown repetitively making your body incredibly sore, Not to mention the heavy physical drain obtained by throwing around your partner, If you are the type to look into a style of self-defense and contact sports, Judo isn’t really the one that you’re looking for.

conclusion :

All in all, The best martial art for MMA is a mixture of all the martial arts we talked about above, We indeed stated some MMA athletes that specialized in one martial art and had significant accomplishments, Nevertheless, those people have sweat, went through hell back and forth, never stopped and never were hopeless to achieve what they want to do.
After all, if you give out the best of you, you will be rewarded by a way or another.

Frequently Asked Questions


I – What martial art is most effective in a street fight ?

It’s natural that each martial art teaches you a specific style of fighting, but is there a martial art that is efficient in street fights? the answer is no, if that was the case, many professionals would be defeated in the streets, easily picked on, and simply targeted from untrained people, and that’s not the case! Each martial art has its own techniques and methods to sort you out in a fight, but which martial art should I pick? Before going into a vague question, do you love or have tendencies toward any specific martial art? Go ahead and master that martial art! If you work hard on something enough, you’ll be surely strong in that field.

II – What is the most deadly martial art ?

If we’re talking about deadly, we are then talking about an offensive martial art, there are many martial arts that focus on the offense, such as Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu and more, all of them being lethal and powerful toward opponents, their training isn’t easy at all, but after being taught their techniques and how to make them, you surely will send out your enemy to the hospital.

III – Is Krav Maga good for street fighting?

This discipline is considered as the best martial art of auto defense, it’s also very effective for offense, this sport gathers many techniques from other martial arts such as boxing, karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and more, most security agencies and secret services use this martial art to form their agents. due to its capability and well promising techniques in a street fight.

This last video Here Shane talks about the best martial arts for a street fight. The list includes boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ ( Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu ), wrestling, Kali, and Krav Maga. A combination of striking and grappling makes up the perfect arsenal for self-defense.



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